Getting To Know Berg And Harberts

These days, Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg are among the most popular personas in the entertainment industry. This is why in this article, we will help you get to know this famous duo as we take you back to the early start of their career and how they start off with humble beginnings.

Aside from being the executive producer of Star Trek, Harberts have also written various screenplays and created storylines that have later on evolved into good projects. Yet do you know that this famous persona in the entertainment industry these days once started with a humble beginning? As a child, he has always been so creative before he even started to write stories as has already started creating his own worlds all in his mind. Growing up in a small town in Iowa, Harberts is a son of a Presbyterian Minister.

During his father’s church sermons, the young Aaron wasn’t fond of listening to them so he ended up daydreaming about a lot of things that would later on awaken his creativity. Harberts confessed to being a great daydreamer during his childhood as he used to escape reality through imagining and creating new worlds in his mind and later on, he writes them down so he won’t forget about them. Little did he knew that it was actually the time he started building up for his future writing career. Nowadays, people know Harberts for his early works including Roswell and John Doe and later on, he has established a good career as an executive producer as well as a showrunner.

When he was in his freshmen years, Harberts met Gretchen Berg which later on became his reliable writing partner and these two both clicked with their creativity and love for art. However, Berg had a rough start in her writing career. She first worked alone on comedy skits but she, later on, sought to Harberts after a few of her first projects went down. They started improving these works as a team but it ended up not well enough so they burned the scripts down. Yet as time goes by, these two started to figure out things so they worked more on other genres such as drama and science fiction.

One can really say that this amazing duo has definitely made a name for themselves with an empire of their own in the entertainment industry. This remarkable duo started with beyond successful projects such as Mercy and much other drama series as well such as Revenge. Their latest and most popular project up to this day is the new reboot of Star Trek which is one of the best ones so far. Yet even though these two are now known worldwide as the famous executive producers of Star Trek, there are still a whole lot more to expect from them. If you wish to learn more about Harberts and Berg, visit this page now for more info. Know more about Berg and Harberts here.

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